Medical Assistance

General Practitioner Services


Using a network of over 1,300 trusted doctors, we provide access to local hospitals, GP practices, medical clinics and more, to ensure patients receive the most suitable treatment without delay.

Our medical assistance team communicates directly with your client and the medical personnel for a smooth and safe GP service. We ensure that everyone involved has the correct information which includes coordinating patient’s details, treatments, appointment times, admissions, referrals, and if required, repatriation.


We keep you up to date on a patient’s condition and coordinate all case documentation and queries, such as medical reports, invoice queries, specialist referral follow-up and invoice payment.

With a deep knowledge of the European markets in which we operate and strong relationships with local providers, you can rely on our carefully selected professional partner network to provide not only the best possible GP service but a whole host of medical assistance services when most needed.

We do whatever it takes to help get a traveller back on track. 

What you get with our GP service

  • A full GP service; includes all logistical and administrative tasks till closure of each case

  • A local network of over 1,300 trusted GPs in the European countries in which we operate 

  • Local hospitals with agreements in place

  • Invoice checks and payment follow-up

  • General medical specialists within the guarantee of payment

  • Direct communication with you, the patient and medical professionals

  • Appointments for the same or next working day in most cases

  • 24/7/365 multi-lingual service centres

When a traveller requires a general practitioner (GP), TSH take cares of the whole overseas GP service, from locating and liaising with the nearest doctor to follow-up communications.

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A full medical assistance network

We offer more to the traveller than just a GP service. To deliver a consistently excellent service we draw on our trusted network of over 1,500 local medical professionals to ensure your client receives the most appropriate medical assistance when travelling abroad. 

Our network includes:

  • Medical specialists, including physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, dermatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, ear/nose/throat doctors, lab technicians, and more.

  • Dentists

  • Air ambulance and repatriation

  • Ground ambulance and transport

  • Body and human remains repatriation

  • Funeral services

GP assisting a patient
GPs in our network
Countries where we operate

You can offer your client a full GP service and all our other medical assistance services in the following European countries.

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