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Summer insights: Conversations with Klara

During the summer, our operations center is at its busiest, and we expand our team to meet the demand. Given this increase of activity, it is crucial that we recruit exceptional summer staff for Travel Support. Also, retaining those who are a good fit and encouraging them to return for multiple years is equally important.

Meet Klara, one of our seasoned summer staff members returning to Travel Support.

This is your second summer at Travel Support, what do you think you can bring to the team now that you have more experience?

– Because I already have a good understanding of what we do, I’m able to easily return to our daily office work without needing to spend a lot of time relearning. In addition, I’m able to assist and discuss with my colleagues more, which is a great feeling, especially as we prepare for the arrival of new summer staff.

What do you find to be the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

– I enjoy tackling challenges together with my colleagues. Our operations team has a great culture of open communication and collaboration, making it a supportive environment where we can work together and find solutions as a team.

What are your favourite memories from last summer with us, and what are you looking forward of most about returning?

– I’m really looking forward to meeting all the colleagues I haven’t met since last summer. We are a cohesive team, that always supports and encourages each other both in and outside the office.

Since last summer, we have released our own new case management system. After being able to work in this for a couple of days, what kind of improvements do you see and how can this help you to better assist our clients?

– After just a short introduction to the new system, I was able to start working in it by myself, with just a little support from the rest of the team. The learning curve this summer was very short because the system is helping us at every step of the way. This will save time and make the process quicker, especially for the new staff coming in.

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Insights on the travel assistance industry, our network and services

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