How travel assistance works in Luxembourg

One of the smallest countries in Europe, yet one of the richest in the world, makes Luxembourg an intriguing place to visit.

Tourists come to the capital, Luxembourg City, to take in the culture and the picturesque medieval town that perches carefully on a cliff edge. This old quarter is even recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the city was the first to be listed twice as the European Capital of Culture.

Luxembourg isn’t just a tourist destination though. It actually boasts the highest number of expats among European countries, with just under half of its population made up of foreign residents! In fact, it’s also host to an abundance of cross-border workers. Around 45% of its workforce commute daily from the bordering countries of France, Belgium and Germany.

Travel assistance is therefore required for all kinds of travellers in Luxembourg.

Travel Support partners with local providers to ensure it not only meets the demands, but also provides the best and most efficient assistance service here. No matter what day or time it is, we support travellers with both medical and vehicle assistance services across the whole of Luxembourg.

Travel Support services available in Luxembourg

Our support for vehicles isn’t only providing roadside assistance for breakdowns or accidents, we also offer several vehicle assistance services through our local partner network.

We arrange towing, salvaging, scrapping, repair shops or garages, transportation, and vehicle repatriation. And these services are available for all ages, sizes and types of vehicles. As well as cars, we handle assistance for lorries, coaches, motorbikes, campervans and more.

When it comes to medical assistance services, our network includes health professionals for all kinds of situations. Our knowledgeable operations team will arrange the most suitable assistance for the traveller’s needs.

This includes booking doctor’s appointments, arranging physio sessions, psychologist meetings, other health specialist appointments, and contacting local hospitals. Should it be needed, we also arrange air ambulances, body repatriation and funerals.

Going the extra (service) mile

The Travel Support operations team is available by phone or email 24/7, 365 days of the year. To ensure the best and most suitable service for our customer's clients, the multilingual team always helps the traveller with an empathetic and urgent approach,

Depending on the situation, we also support the traveller and their companions with onward journey transport or accommodation. Booking a hotel, car hire, taxi, train, or other onward journey alternatives, is no problem for the team to sort.

Travel Support’s services don’t end there. We also handle all logistical and administrative duties, including recommendations and referrals, to effectively complete each case. We’ll carry out invoice checks and payment follow-ups to provide the best service for both our clients and the traveller.

By using a local network of over 1,500 medical professionals and 2,000 vehicle assistance providers, we take pride in our travel assistance services and do what it takes to get the traveller back on track.

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