A sudden change in weather creates a 40% increase in roadside rescues

During the holiday season, truck drivers work tirelessly to deliver parcels in time for Christmas, people travel all over to see loved ones, and holidaymakers escape to the sun or the slopes. This usually runs smoothly (when there isn’t a pandemic), but when the weather suddenly turns, it can make driving conditions somewhat hazardous. Especially when vehicles aren’t equipped to handle such conditions.

In early December, sudden and heavy snowfall blanketed the west and south of Sweden causing chaos on the roads. Some motorways were even closed overnight. It's actually a legal requirement for residents of Sweden to switch to winter tryes during the colder months. So, this disruption was mostly down to trucks travelling from the south of Europe, and not being equipped with suitable winter tyres, that were getting stuck and causing blockages on the roads.

Increase in roadside assistance

Travel Support felt the impact of this sudden and harsh weather as we received a 40% increase in call outs during the heavy snow fall compared to the weeks prior.

During the same week Travel Support received almost 20 cases of roadside assistance and salvaging in France on just one day. This was also a result of extreme weather conditions where high winds caused trees to fall and block the roads. There was also a risk of avalanches, so roads had to be closed and some ski resorts, such as Val Thorens, weren’t even reachable.

When roadside assistance is needed in these types of conditions, it can be more difficult for a technician to fix a vehicle on-site. In these cases, towing and salvaging services are more suitable, even for larger vehicles.

Rescue vehicles equipped to handle wintery conditions

Travel Support’s provider network is equipped to rescue vehicles in winter weather conditions. This includes towing and salvaging services for any size of vehicle, such as an articulated lorry or bus. Our local service providers can also reach every inch of the countries where we operate. It may just take that little bit longer to reach those really remote places!

Our Operations team is on-call 24/7. When a new case comes in, we take all necessary details to ensure the most appropriate type of vehicle is sent to assist. We keep in touch with the assistance driver and if towing or salvaging is required, we'll take the vehicle to the nearest verified repair shop or storage depot.

And of course we don’t leave the driver and their passengers out in the cold. We’ll arrange onward travel, replacement transport and even hotel accommodation to ensure they are warm and comfortable. We aim to provide the most suitable and safest option to get the traveller safely back on track.

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