Travel advice for fans as the longed-for football finals warm up

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It's amazing to see EURO 2020 is going ahead this summer. After being cancelled last year, it was almost impossible to imagine how this year would be any different. But with the roll-out of vaccines starting to take pace and successful testing of large sporting events, the impossibility of the football competition going ahead grew into reality.

Matches were originally scheduled to take place all over Europe in 2020, in celebration of the competition’s 60-year anniversary, With games being held in stadiums across the continent, from the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands to the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, to the finals at Wembley in London, England.

And this is still the plan.

Something that seems rather ambitious when the world is still in the midst of a Pandemic. Even Alexander Ceferin, UEFA president, believed it would be difficult to pull off, yet still had confidence that it would go ahead, “It’s quite a tough situation, a tough format by itself, and with COVID it’s even tougher,” Ceferin said. “So it’s not easy but now it looks OK and I can’t imagine that this crisis will be worse.”

And it seems he was right. The much longed-for competition, that unites the footballing world, begins Friday 11th June.

Naturally, health and safety measures will be in place to protect fans, players, officials, and anyone else involved with the event. Host nations are responsible for safeguarding measures, such as reducing venue capacity or carrying out tests on arrival, and UEFA has set minimum criteria to protect fans before, during and after the games. Ranging from specified time slots to enter the stadiums to cashless transactions inside.

Even with all the efforts, no one can guarantee there won’t be some glitches along the way. Restrictions and travel conditions could change mid-tournament and fans may still fall ill, whether due to the corona virus or another illness.

Travelling fans are therefore being reminded to check they have adequate travel insurance that covers the entire trip. Whether travelling to a number of countries or just one, they require a travel insurance policy that covers cancellation and medical assistance for possible incidences, such as cancelled flights, extended stays or medical emergencies, including repatriation.

UEFA and the Governments of competing nations are offering guidance on how to prepare for safe travel, including information on healthcare and travel insurance.

We’re sure it’s not just football fans who are delighted to see the footballing competition begin. It gives a much-needed boost and sense of unity for everyone across Europe to see a glimpse of normality resuming.

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