From Dublin to rugged cliffs, you always get Travel Support in Ireland.

A popular tourist destination as well as a place for ex-pats to reside, Ireland offers a diverse experience for everyone. Whether it’s the bustling city of Dublin, a rugged cliff side or an off the beaten track pub, Travel Support gets medical and vehicle assistance to those in need. Anywhere in Ireland.

Travel Support takes calls no matter what day or time it is to assist travellers with medical or vehicle emergencies. Using our extensive local knowledge and trusted network of providers we ensure the traveller gets the most appropriate assistance as urgently as possible.

Our vehicle assistance network doesn't just provide emergency help. Roadside assistance, towing, salvaging, scrapping, vehicle transportation and vehicle repatriation are all on offer. Help is available for all types, ages and sizes of vehicle e.g. cars, campervans, motorbikes, trucks etc. And, when needed, we arrange hotels, taxis and car rental to help the traveller with their onward journey. We do what it takes to get the traveller back on track.

If it’s medical assistance that is required, such as needing to see a GP or emergency dental treatment, Travel Support’s provider network covers the whole of Ireland for this too. Available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Travel Support’s services don’t end there. We always close each case and take care of logistical and administrative tasks, such invoice checks and payment follow-ups, to ensure the best service for both our clients and the traveller.

And its not just Ireland that our full-assistance services are available. You can rely on Travel Support in these nine additional European countries.

  • Belgium

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • Iceland

  • Luxembourg

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

By using a network of over 1,500 medical providers and 2,000 vehicle assistance providers, we proudly offer the most local assistance service in the countries in which we operate.

Read about the full travel support services that we offer here.


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