Get travellers back on track to enjoy the Danish “Hygge”

“Hygge” the Danish word to describe those cosy moments, whether alone or with loved ones, when you feel a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Not just in the home, you can even feel it on the charming and old cobbled streets of Copenhagen. One of the many reasons why people flock to the stunning Danish capital each year.

The flat landscape, 12,000km of cycle tracks and never being more than 52 kilometres from the sea, also make Denmark a popular choice for cycling holidays.

Whatever the reason for a visit to Denmark, we’ve partnered with the best service providers here. So no matter where your client is, or what service they need, they’re never more than a few kilometres away from getting reliable assistance from our trusted network partners. This way, your customers can spend less time worrying about doctors and tow trucks and instead get back to enjoying the Danish "hygge”.

These are the Travel Support services available in Denmark.

Medical Assistance

Our medical assistance network includes medical professionals of every kind. GPs, Dentists and Specialists such as, Physiotherapists, Surgeons, and Psychologists.

Travel Support arrange house calls, hospitals visits and free admissions to emergency rooms if deemed urgent by an ER doctor. Ambulances and air ambulances are also easy for us to arrange in Denmark.

Vehicle Assistance

Our Danish network includes roadside assistance, tow trucks, repair shops, salvage vehicles and vehicle transportation and repatriation.

When a traveller requires onward transport or accommodation, it’s not a problem for us to sort too. We book taxis, rental cars, hotels; whatever your clients needs.

Bicycle Assistance

Learn more about our new bicycle assistance service that is available for cyclists in Denmark.

Available 24/7

Our operations team is on hand 24/7, every day of the year, to assist your clients in Denmark.

The team also handle all logistical and administrative duties, including recommendations and referrals to effectively complete each case.

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Our full travel support services are also available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK. Get in touch to learn more

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