Our trusted provider network is ready to help tourists get back on track in the UK.

Over 35 million tourists from around the world visit the UK every year to explore its rich history and varied landscape. So it’s only natural that people want to experience as much of the culture as possible.

This can involve anything from being high up in the Scottish Highlands one minute to being stuck in a gridlock on one of the 1000s of roads the next! So, if a traveller is in a situation where they need urgent medical or vehicle assistance, they’re going to want the security of a quick and trusted service no matter where they are.

Travel Support guarantees this security all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, through its highly-reliable network of medical and vehicle assistance providers.

Our UK medical assistance network includes health professionals for all kinds of situations. Our highly-skilled operations team use our partners to provide the most suitable medical care for the traveller. We book doctor’s appointments, sort physio and specialist appointments, contact local hospitals, secure medical transport including air ambulances and even arrange repatriation should a person need to be transported elsewhere.

If vehicle assistance is needed, our UK providers offer full-service assistance. This includes roadside assistance, towing, salvaging, scrapping and vehicle transportation and repatriation. We use our local knowledge and experience to get help to the driver as quickly as possible. The service is available for all types, ages and sizes of vehicles.

Depending on the situation, we also help travellers and their companions with onward journey arrangements, such as booking a taxi, car rental or hotel. We take care of all associated paperwork for our assistance services too.

We are available 24/7 for both medical and vehicle assistance.

Find out more about the full travel support services that we offer in the UK and nine other European countries.


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