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Body Repatriation and funeral services

Local expertise for a compassionate funeral and body repatriation service

Covering the whole of Europe, our professional assistance team are familiar with different countries’ procedures to ensure a smooth and thoughtful funeral and body repatriation service.

Years of partnering with a network of highly experienced providers, we understand how overwhelming laying to rest a loved one, who has died overseas, is which is why our funeral and body repatriation service takes care of all logistical and administrative  issues for the bereaved.

Working with doctors, hospitals, coroners, airlines, local authorities, and embassies we complete and obtain the necessary documentation and permission to repatriate the deceased as quickly and compassionately as possible. 

Our local funeral home and mortuary partners are highly experienced in preparing mortal remains for air travel. We coordinate transportation of the coffin to and from the airport and book the flights to bring the deceased to the country of burial. If we arrange cremation before repatriation, we ensure the safe delivery of the ashes to the deceased’s family. 

With customer care at the forefront of what we do, we keep you informed every step of the way to help a difficult task for your client feel a little  less overwhelming.

What you get with the body repatriation service

  • A full service to bury, cremate or repatriate a person who dies whilst overseas 

  • Access to local and trusted providers in the field; hospitals, coroners, funeral directors, airlines and more.

  • In-depth knowledge of death and repatriation procedures in the European countries in which we operate 

  • All practical and administrative tasks taken care of by us; death certificates, official documents, permissions, translations, travel arrangements

  • Invoice and other payment follow-ups 

  • Respectful and understanding multi-lingual assistance team

  • 24/7 availability 

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A full medical assistance network

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