Medical Assistance


A tried and trusted ambulance service in Europe

The process for arranging an ambulance differs from country to country which is why we’ve formed a deep understanding of the healthcare systems in the countries in which we operate to offer a reliable and efficient ambulance service.

With years of experience behind us we know exactly how and who to contact in the places with a state-run ambulance service. When privately-run ambulances are in operation, we depend on our network of trusted providers who are known and used by local hospitals and airports. This extensive network of local providers means, after consultation with a medical professional, we can select the most suitably equipped ambulance for the patient’s needs.

The ambulance service includes not only getting a patient to and from a hospital, but also to/from airports and other countries when ground transfer is deemed safe. And in cases where an ambulance is not agreed but ground transport is permitted, we call on our medical taxi providers.

To maintain a swift but safe journey, our assistance team continuously communicates with the patient or family and medical team involved and takes care of all the associated paperwork, such as patient, discharge, and insurance details, because getting the traveller back on track is key.

What you get with our ambulance service

  • A full ground ambulance service; includes all logistical and administrative tasks

  • Local healthcare system understanding 

  • A network of local and trusted providers in 10 European countries 

  • Strong relationships with state-run ambulance services 

  • Direct communication with you, the patient, the patient’s family and our providers

  • Handling of all assistance related documentation and closure of each medical case

  • Invoice checks and payment follow-up

  • 24/7/365 multi-lingual expert service centre

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A full medical assistance network

Wondering if your services are relevant for our provider network? Our current medical assistance network partners include:

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