Medical Assistance

Medical Specialists

Specialist medical care for travelers in Europe

Whether a medical specialist is required urgently or following a referral, Travel Support has the local knowledge to handle the whole assistance process.

We work with a carefully selected network of providers from both public and private clinics in Europe. This allows a patient to benefit from quick access to a multitude of medical specialists who can provide the right type of care. 

Specialist medical services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Physiotherapists

  • Gynaecologists

  • Orthopaedic surgeons

  • Ear/nose/throat specialists

  • Eye specialists/Ophthalmologists

  • Dermatologists 

  • Psychiatrists and Psychologists

  • Radiologists (X-ray/MRI)

After arranging a specialist, our services extend throughout the whole treatment. We fix follow-up appointments, book return journeys or hotel stays, take care of practical matters like payments and talk with all those involved.

You can rely on our expertise and carefully selected medical specialists 24/7, to offer peace of mind to your customers and get them back on track.

What you get with our Medical Specialists

  • A full specialist service; includes all logistical and administrative tasks 

  • Local knowledge and network of trusted medical specialists in all the European countries in which we operate

  • Broad range of medical specialists in the public and private sectors to select from

  • Invoice follow-up  and other payment checks

  • Handling of all assistance related documentation and closure of each medical case 

  • Direct communication with you, the patient and medical professionals

  • Multi-lingual professional service centres that are always open

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A full medical assistance network

Wondering if your services are relevant for our provider network? Our current medical assistance network partners include:

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