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With majestic towns like Bruges and Ghent, medieval castles, world-heritage sites, coupled with tempting places to sample its famous chocolate or beer, it’s no wonder Belgium is an all-year-round destination. At Christmas, traditional cosy markets that adorn picturesque town squares, attract visitors from all over the world.

Like so many places, strict Covid-19 restrictions have made travelling to Belgium difficult for some time. However, having the second highest level of international presence in a city (New York being the first), its capital, Brussels, often labelled the ‘Capital of Europe’, is never short on visitors.

Both the European Union and NATO have their headquarters in Brussels, making it a hub for diplomats, business travellers, and a home for expats. Around 5,000 diplomats live in Brussels, and with over 2,000 multi-national organisations basing their head offices here, it’s no wonder reliable travel assistance is a necessity for visitors to Belgium.

To support our clients’ customers with both medical and vehicle-related assistance in Belgium, Travel Support works with several local and trustworthy partners to cover every inch of the country. These providers are also bi- or multi-lingual to cover the diversity of languages spoken in Belgium.

Medical Assistance

Our medical assistance network in Belgium includes an array of medical professionals, including General Practitioners (GPs), dentists, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists and psychologists, to name a few.

Travel Support is an IAG Accredited Service Provider for the provision of on-call doctor services in Belgium and the rest of Benelux. Our partners are on hand to assist the traveller with face-to-face appointments at GP surgeries or hospitals, with house-calls, telephone consultations and referrals. We generally arrange face-to-face appointments on the same or next working day with many of our GPs working until 8pm.
We also arrange medical transport including both road and air ambulances.

Vehicle Assistance

Our roadside assistance network covers the whole of Belgium and a provider is usually with the stranded person within an hour. In addition to roadside assistance, we also offer a number of other vehicle-related assistance services in Belgium. This includes towing for all types and sizes of vehicles, vehicle salvaging, transportation, and access to repair shops.

Bicycle Assistance

Travel Support also provides bicycle assistance to cyclists in Belgium. As a popular mode of transport for getting around the cities, we take call-outs for all types of bikes; electric, city, mountain and specialist. Our service provider will go straight to the cyclist, and if they can’t fix the bike on-site, they’ll the bike and the cyclist to where they need to go.

Operations Centre

Our operations team, who are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, are also multi-lingual and can be reached by phone or email.

The team handle logistical and administrative duties, including invoice checks and payment follow-ups to effectively complete each case. Furthermore, if a traveller and their companions require onward transport or accommodation, we can arrange taxis, rental cars, hotels; in fact whatever your client needs to make them feel comfortable.

Interested in using our services in Belgium or even the rest of Europe? Get in touch to ask more.

We are always interested in improving our services. Contact us if you have any concerns or feedback.

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Travel Support News

Insights on the travel assistance industry, our network and services

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