Vehicle Assistance

Reliable assistance within an hour

As a partner to numerous insurance companies, logistics operators, and the automobile industry, we offer a comprehensive network of vehicle assistance providers to tourists, business travellers and ex-pats in Europe.

Our network, of over 2,000 local providers, covers every inch of the countries in which we operate (a base in Sweden has its advantages), and supplies assistance, for any type of vehicle, within one hour.

Available 24/7, our multilingual team has excellent country knowledge and takes care of every aspect of the vehicle assistance service for you. 

We get travellers back on track. With quality.

Not only do we close each case, we ensure its with the highest quality for both our clients and the traveller. To accomplish this, we stay focussed on several key areas.

  • Available. 24/7, and with the capacity to handle peaks.

  • Process. Detailed processes help the traveller in the fastest possible way, and keep clients fully updated.

  • Communication. Always direct and fast in communication with the traveller, client, and assistance providers.

  • Network. Long-term relations with providers ensures close collaboration and efficient processes to add value for us all. 

  • Full service. Solving both Vehicle and Medical Assistance, means we cover all the needs that an inconvenienced traveller may have.

providers in our network

By maintaining dense local networks with a variety of service providers and suppliers we can adequately solve almost any transport problem for the worried traveller.

Insurance companies
Assistance companies
Car importers
Car rental companies
Automotive manufacturers
Logistics companies

Our Vehicle Assistance Services in detail

Discover what our services offer you and how we get the traveller back on track.


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